We carry every accessory you may need to fully compliment your receptacle. We stock tray holders, drive-thru chutes, liners, bag holders, replacement stone and sifter scoops. In addition, we carry Mold-In Graphics®. These graphics are a great way to promote your company!

Bag Holders (1 dozen)
We used to manufacture a metal frame bag-holder. It certainly held up bags. But, it bent, it was hard to get in and out, it rusted, it would tear the bags, it was expensive to ship, it was never the right kind of solution. A year ago we came up with the perfect solution...rubber bands. It may sound hard to believe but the rubber bands firmly hold the skirt in place. They last a long time. They never cause problems and they are INEXPENSIVE. We custom designed the bands to fit our cans and make it easy for employees to change bags. Good riddance to the old metal frames!

Drive-up Chute
If you have a lot of trash near your drive-up or near the exit, the drive-thru chute is an ideal solution. People do not always want to get out of their cars to get rid of their trash. Quite often they will "take a shot" at the nearest can and miss. The snorkel chute allows your guests to drive up to the receptacle and properly dispose of their paper. The pitch of the chute is significant enough to insure that trash will not clog the opening. The chute attaches with two wing nuts and is seated in such a way as to insure that it will never separate from the rest of the lid. Even if a car/truck mirror inadvertently hits the chute, it will not break. The chute is available in all colors and it comes with a page of installation instructions. Drill two holes and you are done! If you order the chute with a lid, we will pre-drill the entire assembly.

All of our 35-gallon cans come with a permanent fiberglass liner. For some of our customers who do not use trashbags we offer a rigid 35-gallon liner. This saves on having to re-order trashbags, and you never have to worry about bags breaking! The 55-gallon cans are built around a recycled steel barrel and some customers like a rigid bag for the interior. We offer a 24 mil liner that can stand on its own and can be reused to protect the integrity of the can. The liner is clear and fits the interior of the can so no edges will spill over the side of the can.

Replacement Stone
All of our cigarette urns are self-draining. If it rains or snows or a guest pours a beverage into the ashtray, the liquid will leach down through the porous top and be absorbed into the base of the unit. Since sand or kitty litter will clump, we recommend using our stone as ashtray filler. The beauty of our stone is the longer it is exposed to sun and moisture, the lighter the stone becomes, and the prettier it looks. The bleached stone always looks new. The stone is shipped directly in 10 lb. bags.

Sifter Scoop
There is no worse job than handpicking cigarette butts from an ashtray. The easiest way to remove butts and trash from your urn is with our plastic sifter scoop. The grates in the scoop are just wide enough so our stone will fall through leaving the trash and butts in the scoop. No one has to touch anything!

Tray Holder
Anytime you have outdoor seating, our lid-top tray holder is a perfect application. We took an actual restaurant tray, and roto-molded it into the design, so there is no doubt where the first tray should go! The tray holder fits snugly to the top of our standard hood lid and is connected by two wing nuts. The retrofit is easy. The tray holder comes in all colors and we include a page of installation instructions. If you order a lid with the tray holder, we will pre-fit and drill the unit for your convenience.

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Mold-In Graphics - Your Company Identification
Mold-In Graphics® is a unique feature which is not offered by any other waste receptacle manufacturer. Mold-In Graphics® is a permanent replacement for decals, labels, silk screens, and hot stamped logos. It cannot be:

Washed Off + Peeled Off + Scratched Off + Graffiti Damaged

We can put a ten inch round logo into both the 35 gallon and 55 gallon receptacles. The logo is a ten inch acrylic disk cemented into a recess in the receptacle. The logo disk will never fall off. The logo is flush to the surface of the receptacle. The "No Smoking" logo is always in stock, as are the logos of most major restaurant franchises. We can make any custom logo once we are provided the artwork. Other size logo options and multiple side logos are available. If you are interested in putting a logo on any items you order, simply click the check box on the order form and a Frost Product Marketing Inc. representative will call you about the additional charge.

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