Lid - Dropamatic, S1430
Lid - Dropamatic, S1430
ITEM # S1430
Dropamatic Lid for B-16, B-19, and B-23 trash can.


Only FREE DROP TOP® can offer you a Plastic Waste Receptacle with these DROPAMATIC® TOP features:

  • The DROPAMATIC® lid automatically opens and closes when 3/4 of an ounce or more is placed on top. It also continues the opening motion once it has begun, so when a person is throwing away a used hand towel and gently pressing down to put the paper into the can, the motion is continued by the counterbalanced flaps. This prevents overflow from swing lids getting stuck in the vertical position and replaces push lids which trap the trash half way causing spills down the outside of the container. The design also reduces the capability of someone just piling the trash on top of the lid. The DROPAMATIC® reduces the time needed to clean up a container and the area around it.
  • The lid flaps swing into the lid area only and does not swing into the container thus allowing for full use of the base’s capacity. The center axle swing lid, which many are accustomed to seeing, actually swings into the container thus reducing the containers capacity from 23 gallons to almost 19 gallons. The flaps are permanently set in place. They cannot be removed by employees, unlike other lids on the market.
  • The flaps have a full 1-inch clearance from the wall of the container thus allowing for free movement when an oversized polyliner is used. The other style of swing lid, as well as the step-on containers, is rendered useless when an oversized polyliner is placed in the container.
  • Will fit Rubbermaid's #3568 and 3569 bases.


DIMENSIONS: 14.5 x 14.5 x 4"
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