Lid - Drive-up Chute Accessory for 35 gallon Trash Can
Lid - Drive-up Chute Accessory for 35 gallon Trash Can
Drive-up chute accessory for hoodtop lid.

Accessory and lid sold separately.

If you have a lot of trash near your drive-up or near the exit, the drive-thru chute is an ideal solution. People do not always want to get out of their cars to get rid of their trash. Quite often they will "take a shot" at the nearest can and miss. The snorkel chute allows your guests to drive up to the receptacle and properly dispose of their paper. The pitch of the chute is significant enough to insure that trash will not clog the opening. The chute attaches with two wing nuts and is seated in such a way as to insure that it will never separate from the rest of the lid. Even if a car/truck mirror inadvertently hits the chute, it will not break. The chute is available in all colors and it comes with a page of installation instructions. Drill two holes and you are done! If you order the chute with a lid, we will pre-drill the entire assembly. 

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