What better way to promote your company image and
keep your facilities clean, than these durable, attractive
waste receptacles, smoke urns, benches and planters?






Branding is always important and what better way than on the benches, smoke urns and waste receptacles located around your facilities? We offer a variety of ways to permanently display your company name or advertise a product. These include:

  • Mold-In Graphics® on our plastic tops, bases and planters. Mold-In Graphics® DO NOT Fade, Wash Off, Rub Off, Peel Off and Cleaning Chemicals Do Not Harm Them. Mold-In Graphics® are NOT a decal or silk screen. It is a method by which your logo is permanently molded into the wall of the plastic part.
  • An attractive, permanent ten-inch round acrylic disk cemented into a recessed area on any aggregate product. The logo is flush to the surface of the receptacle, so it is protected from being easily damaged.
  • Laser cut logos, which are available with many of our metal receptacles as well as some metal benches.
  • Embossed as well as silk screened logos are available in some of the concrete products.

As you can see "We have you covered" when it comes to graphics.

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