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Durable, Attractive, and Fire Resistant

In an effort to bring the very best options of products to our customers a variety of styles and material combinations of aggregate products are offered. These products include:


Trash cans Smoke Urns Ash & Trash Benches Tables Planters


The material combinations are:
Natural Stone Aggregate and Resin

  • 40% lighter than concrete for reduced shipping costs
  • Bacteria and fade resistant -- even under ultra-violet light
  • Weatherproof -- even in extreme climates
  • Self-draining
  • Made of stone for no maintenance
  • Inexpensive to ship

Stone Panels with Metal Frames

  • Designed to withstand hard and constant use
  • Endures severe weather conditions
  • Shipped Assembled
  • Class A fire rated stone panels
  • Optional Weather Urns for trash cans

Concrete and Aggregate Stone

  • Designed with emphasis on safety, durability, comfort and beauty. They have beveled edges and corners for safety plus chip resistance.
  • Structural Integrity is an important part of these concrete and aggregate products. These products test to approximately 6000 psi. Their reinforcement consists of specially designed welded steel truss type frames, wire mesh or glass fibers.
  • A special sealer is applied to the concrete surface to enhance its durability and attractiveness.