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For Attractive, Low Maintenance, Cost Efficient and Durable Waste Receptacles, Smoke Urns and Planters

Plastic Lumber Products possess many advantages over products made from just wood, concrete or metal. When using plastic lumber, you are helping the environment as well as utilizing a long-lasting, maintenance-free product.


Durable: These earth-friendly products will never splinter, crack, rot, crumble, or need replacement like wood. They will last for many years to come.

Low Maintenance: The plastic lumber slates of this low maintenance product will NEVER need painting, staining, sanding, or waterproofing. They are also graffiti resistant. A quick wash off with a regular hose and bleach or pressure washing will restore your plastic lumber to its original beauty. The color goes all the way through the entire piece of lumber so scratches will not show through to another color, the way powder-coated or painted products do.
It is UV stabilized, so you do not need to worry about severe fading or exposing it to the environment. The plastic lumber products with metal frames offer heavy gauge, galvanized, fire-safe steel along with the environmentally friendly plastic lumber slates.

  Environmentally Sound: Plastic Lumber is usually made from recycled plastic milk jugs, otherwise destined for the landfill. Also, plastic is not toxic to the environment like treated lumber. By purchasing these plastic lumber products you acquire a beautiful, durable, cost efficient product while saving the environment.